An easy guide to help you select the right Precious Metal for you.

Published on Saturday 25 June 2016

Are you looking for something special to wear for you or your partner? Something to accompany a piece of jewellery you already wear? Or want a brand new besopke piece of jewellery made for you but not sure where to start? Don't worry, we have comprised a short list of the Precious Metals and their properties with descriptions to help you make your mind up: 


Sterling Silver
Hallmark: 925

Always a go-to metal for all your everyday fashion jewellery pieces! Looks stunning and shiny when polished, compliments any colour, and is very affordable! Silver is a very soft metal and can scratch quite easily, for this reason, if you are looking for engagement or wedding rings you may want to go for Gold for something a little more hard-wearing. 

9ct Yellow Gold
Hallmark: 375

The hardest alloy of the Gold family, and the least expensive, due to having the highest percentage of base metal mixed in with it. If you are looking for something in Yellow Gold and want it to last, choose 9ct. We have a lovely seletion of Yellow Gold pieces which are still just as suitable for your everyday wear. 

GE2031.jpgGP717 resized.jpgGR453T.jpg


18ct Yellow Gold
Hallmark: 750

"The Middle Sibling" of the Gold family, 18ct is about "three-quarters" pure gold. A popular choice if you are looking for something of a higher value but not too expensive! 

22ct Yellow Gold
Hallmark: 916

- Our softest Alloy, 22ct Gold characterises itself with a very stunning "Yellow" colour 

9ct, 18ct White Gold
Hallmark: 925

White Gold is an alloy mixed with Silver, giving the overall look a silvery tone. It is harder than Silver, so if you are after something scratch-resistant and longer-lasting White Gold is for you. However, as the alloy is part Gold, there's often a chance the yellow-ness of the Gold will begin to show through wear and tear. We reccomend to get it Rhodium- plated regularly to bring it back to its original silver state. You can pop into us any time to have this done for you. 


Rose Gold

Another gold alloy, but this one is mixed with Copper to give it a lovely rosey-pink tint. Rose gold had incresed in popularity over the last few years and looks fabulous on during the summer months! Visit our online store to shop for your summer Rose Gold bling.


Hallmark: 500, 950, 999

A member of the Platinum family, it has recently grown in popularity alongside Platiunum. Palladium has similar proerties to Platinum, but is much less dense, a good substitute if you are looking for something similar to Platinum, but looking to spend a little less! 

Hallmark: 850, 900, 950, 999

The hardest Precious Metal on the scale. Platinum is extremely rare, and therefore much more expensive than Gold. It characterises itself with a grey-white colour and can sometimes be very tough to work with, it makes an excellent partner for anyone who is "hands-on"!


If you have any questions or queeries about any of the information above, or need help deciding which is the right metal for you, come into The Workshop and have a chat to us or email us at [email protected]

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