A new year, new opportunities and lots of jewellery..

A new year at WJ

Published on Thursday 14 January 2016


So, a new year, a new start, and getting back into work. This includes sorting out "who does what, when" at The Workshop. 


Our team has now expanded to 4, and in our 4th year I love how the business is growing. It all means that the little shop I started on my own back in 2012 is doing well. It's a success! But I won't sit back & congratulate myself - there's still so much to do. I love that part of running a business is developing & growing, not just in size & people, but in the way we do things - the way we serve our customers. 


One of the tasks that needs doing is the blog. A way to communicate what I do as a designer & maker at The Workshop. And this task fell to Rachel (our fantastic Creative & Social Assistant) as she tends to look after all things Social Media. The only problem is, I don't think this one can be delegated. If I'm the one to start the journey with the customer, & I'm the one that finishes it, then surely I should be the one to tell everyone about it? 


So, it might be that I'm stacked out with other jobs, or I might be mega busy at home, but I'm going to try & take some time out to tell people about what we do, and how we've done it. And if people get chance to read it, then that's great. 


See you back here for my first "proper" blog very soon!


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