Holiday Season: How to look after your jewellery.

An updated checklist for all your jewellery Q's

Published on Tuesday 19 July 2016

So it's that time of the year again! 
Some of you are jetting of to your favourite holiday destinations, and some of you just spending some quality time in the garden.
We've put together a concise guide on how to look after your jewellery, wherever you are this summer. 

Top tips for jewellery on the beach: 


  • Make sure you put on your suncream before you put your jewellery back on.
    This will give your skin time to absorb the moisture and leave your jewellery a bit more gunk-free!

  • Take a small bag, preferably fabric for pearls, with you to keep all your jewellery pieces together. You don't want them knocking about your suitcase with a risk of losing them! 
    We do also offer silver polishing cloths also to keep your jewellery tarnish-free.


  • Wear your jewellery in a chlorine or salt water pool. The chemicals and salt can discolour your precious metals, including Silver. 
    If they do lose their shine you can always pop it into our shop for a quick clean and polish to return them to their usual glimmer. 

  • Bring you're most precious jewellery with you if you are unsure for any reason, it's better to have piece of mind knowing your jewellery is safe at home rather than in your suitcase that you may be parted from at the airport.
    We offer valuations for all your valuables should the worst happen and things go missing!

  • Bring your jewellery on the beach. Sand can be an enemy of plated jewellery and softer gemstones as they can rub and wear quite easily.


Tips for in the garden:



  • Try to remove all jewellery before getting your green fingers on. This will save them from getting muddy. If you don't want to take your rings off, then make sure you have some comfortable, durable gardening gloves.

  • Use a soft toothbrush with some lukewarm soapy water to get rid of any dirt in your jewellery.
    If you can't get it all out, pop it in to us for a clean and polish, we offer an express cleaning service if you would like your jewellery back within a couple of days.


  • Leave your jewellery on windowsills or in your car. The sun and heat can tarnish your jewellery very easily.


For summer night's out:


  • Put you're jewellery on after applying make-up, perfume, and hair products.
    Again, chemicals can tarnish your jewellery quicker than you think!


  • Have earrings in if you're off to the hairdressers! You can get them caught, especially dangly earrings. Don't wear pearl earrings or necklaces if you're having your hair coloured, the dyes can reduce the pearl's sheen.


If you have any other questions or queries on what to do with your jewellery while you are away, you can pop into our Burbage showroom, or give us a call on 01455 635088.

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